A Book on My Nightstand

When I was a newlywed twenty years ago, a friend gave me her copy of The Challenge of Being a Wife by Ruth E. Hazelwood.   It had already been around for awhile by that time, having been published in 1977.  Some might consider a thirty five year old book on marriage to be outdated.  If marriages that emphasize commitment, selflessness, and putting God first are old-fashioned, then I want an old-fashioned marriage.

Every now and then I pull this book off the shelf and browse through it.  It never fails to renew my desire to be desirable wife.  It encourages me and makes me smile.  I imagine throughout the next twenty years, I’ll keep going back for more reminders and practical tid-bits on how to have a happy marriage.

Here are some of the gems found in The Challenge of Being a Wife:

“Be glad that you are a woman with womanly things to do.  Take your place with confidence and pride.  Be a first class woman and not a second rate man!”

“Why not accept the fact that no husband is faultless?  Some men may excel others, but all fall short at times.  Be thankful they do, else how could they live with us and all our imperfections?  How would you like YOU for a wife?”

“Love should make others feel good about themselves.”

“Try to go one whole day without criticizing or complaining about anything or anybody.”

“Love your husband for what he is, love him for what he is not, then love him again for what he may become.”

“Your husband sees himself through your eyes.  What does he see?”

“While the problems that arise in your marriage may not be of your doing, your reactions to them can make or break the marriage.  It takes two to make a bad marriage.”

“There can be no genuine happiness without God.”

“The three traits a man looks for in a wife are femininity, understanding, and a happy disposition.”

“A common mistake is expecting your husband to know how you feel or to see that you need help.  He is not a mind reader just because he loves you.  Learn to ask when you need his help.  Don’t be a martyr.”

“It is more blessed to give than receive, but by giving you will also be receiving.”

Prayer for Today:  Thank you for the reminder, Lord, that good marriages don’t just happen.  Help me to fill each day with gratitude and giving.

Renewing our Vows
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