He Sees All My Tears

I don’t think loneliness is restricted to times when we’re by ourselves.  Have you ever felt all alone while in a crowd full of people?  Loneliness can hit us when we feel like no one understands, no one gets it.  Hopefully Christians experience very few moments of loneliness, since we’re blessed with a church family that offers genuine love and support.  But for those times when we shed tears alone because we feel we can’t share them with anyone, we can remember a couple of comforting Scriptures.  “You number my wanderings.  Put my tears into Your bottle; are they not in Your book?” (Psalm 56:8).  Then there’s all of Psalm 139, which assures us that no matter where we are or what we’re doing, God knows our thoughts, and is always with us, even in our darkest moments.  No teardrop slips away unnoticed by our God.

He sees my tears of regret.  If I’ve sinned and the consequences are great, God sees my tears of self-loathing and remorse.  If I look back over my life and see missed opportunities, or a neglected family, God sees those tears of loss and regret, too.  God knows every time I think, “I wish I had…” or “If only I hadn’t…”  He sees my tears of regret.  And when I turn to Him in those times, I see His mercy (Ephesians 2:4,5) and His grace (Ephesians 2:8-10).

He sees my tears of frustration.  When I try and try, but nothing seems to be working out right, God sees my fretful tears of dismay.  When I’m feeling sorry for myself or stressed out, He sees my tears of resentment.  He sees my tears of frustration, but if I’ll turn to Him in those times, I’ll see His patience (Psalm 86:15) and His steadfast goodness(James 1:17).

He sees my tears of discouragement.  When I keep failing to reach my spiritual goals, God sees my tears of weakness.  When a loved one disappoints me or betrays me, God sees my tears of pain and anger.  And whenever I feel like giving up, God sees my bleak tears of despondency.  He sees every tear of discouragement, but when I turn to Him, I see His promises (Psalm 119:147-150).

As God comforted in the days of old, so He comforts today, “I have heard your prayers.  I have seen your tears” (2 Kings 20:5).

Prayer for Today:  Thank you, Lord, for caring.  Thank you for your patience and your love.

Author: Kathy Pollard

I'm a Christian woman, happily married to my best friend, Neal. We have 3 grown sons, Gary, Dale, and Carl, and 3 sweet daughters-in-law, Chelsea, Janelle, and Emily. Neal preaches for the Lehman Ave. church of Christ in Bowling Green, KY. We love the Lord and His church!

3 thoughts on “He Sees All My Tears”

  1. Thank you Kathy. Having one of those days of discouragement. So thankful for sisters’ like you who help me to know where my focus needs to be and how God always knows my tears. God Bless.


  2. Thank you Kathy, this article could not have come on a more appropreate day. A wonderful reminder of the love God has for his children. Sometimes it is hard to remember but his word is always available so we need to keep our eye on it and remember His promises. Very comforting and one of the ways He provides comfort is through the tears He gave us. They wash the sad out of us.


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