Serious Bible Study is Not Just for Men

The title of this post is one of the assignments I’ve been given for Polishing the Pulpit, and what a great study it has been!  I knew I would love it and need it.

Have you ever been to a ladies’ day or ladies’ retreat where the topic was fluffy?  Where it seemed like the decorating theme must’ve taken precedence over the study theme?  It’s all cotton candy and no meat (but it’s pretty!).  Well, there’s nothing wrong with that.  Ladies’ days and retreats are extras.  They’re sweet times of fellowship meant to encourage and uplift.  However, I think we sell ourselves (and our teen girls) short.  I think we need to thirst for deeper waters so that we can be “filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding, that we may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him… and increasing in the knowledge of God.”  That was Paul’s prayer for the saints (Col. 1:9,10).

Knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual understanding.  We won’t gain any of those unless we become serious about Bible study.  Do you consider yourself a serious student of God’s Word?  If not, why not?  What could be more important?  What could possibly take precedence in our lives over “increasing in the knowledge of God”?  Believe you me, these   are questions I’m asking myself, too.

Let’s encourage each other and let’s challenge each other to study for ourselves instead of just relying on the study that others have done.  Serious Bible study is for all of us.

Prayer for Today:  Your Word, Lord, is living and powerful.  Help me be more convicted to spend quality time every day discovering its truths.



Author: Kathy Pollard

I'm a Christian woman, happily married to my best friend, Neal. We have 3 grown sons, Gary, Dale, and Carl, and 3 sweet daughters-in-law, Chelsea, Janelle, and Emily. Neal preaches for the Lehman Ave. church of Christ in Bowling Green, KY. We love the Lord and His church!

16 thoughts on “Serious Bible Study is Not Just for Men”

  1. This is one reason why I love your bible Marking series. It is a great step into critical thinking and deeper study. Thank you for your efforts.


  2. I look forward with great anticipation to hearing great, challenging, motivating, and some much needed exhorting/rebuking with love truth-packed lessons from PTP! It’s time brothers and sisters step it up-really digging deeper into the meat of God’s Word, hungering and thirsting more for His Rightousness, and seeking more diligently the Kingdom and expanding it’s boarder for His glory, honor and praise-EVERYDAY GOD GIVES US! Thank you for this preview message and for challenging us to live it. God bless you!


  3. I, too, love your Bible marking series. I have been wondering if you could send me some topics and verses by email. Now is as good a time as any to ask! I have “Comfort in Scriptures, Plan of Salvation, and Sinful Past.” I would love more!


  4. I love the topic and the idea. I teach several lessons in the reverse for men. Having fun together is not just for women. While deep Bible study is imperative to a Christian life, so is being able to enjoy each others company. But often it seems like if it isn’t food or study, men just aren’t going to show up. I push for a men’s night modeled after the ladies’ night everywhere I go. Seems like men and women have a lot to learn from each others’ examples.


  5. Fluffy but pretty describes a LOT of the women’s material out there. Thank you for being brave enough to say that we need more! 🙂


  6. Fluffy, yes. It discourages me to make it out to a ladies day and end up sitting in a circle of women discussing how we feel about something. I’d rather study how God feels about it. And I don’t mean how we all *think* God feels, but what the Bible’s principles uncover.

    I won’t be a PTP this year. 😦 Hopefully, I can order this seminar.

    Thanks, Kathy. You touched a chord with this one!


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