Paula Deen and Same Sex Rights

These are the two big news items this morning.  Notice the approach to each of them.  Paula Deen was interviewed on the Today Show.  She tearfully begged anyone who has never committed a sin to cast the first stone.  So far the reaction has been one of outrage that she didn’t apologize for her offensive remarks, but seemed more concerned with defending herself.  What was the reaction concerning the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage?  Words like “victory,” “boost,” and “celebration” are being used.  We’ve been told this is a historic decision for America, and have already been reminded of the Gay Pride parade that will take place in San Francisco this weekend.

Is the media trying to lead viewers in moral matters?  We’re being told which sins are socially acceptable and which ones aren’t.  Paula Deen said some things that were wrong.  She’s been fired by Food Network, but the media is still demanding an apology.  People are outraged and speaking out against her for what she did.  Well, she should be held accountable.  The words we use matter, and we’re all going to give an account for everything we say (Matthew 12:36).  But there are other sins that can be committed by mouth.  Why is it okay for public figures to use curse words or take God’s name in vain?  And why wasn’t the same outrage displayed when the sin of homosexuality was publicly declared and embraced?

We don’t get to choose which sins can be tolerated and which ones can’t.  Even more basic, we don’t get to choose which practices are sinful.  God has already done that in His Word.  Our speech is to be pure (Ephesians 4:29), but our sexual activities are to be pure as well (1 Corinthians 6:9,10; Ephesians 5:3).  Trouble is in store for those who accept or tolerate what God calls sin.  “Woe to those who call evil good  and good evil…who are wise in their own eyes and prudent in their own sight” (Isaiah 5:20-22).  May the Word only guide us in determining what is right and what is wrong.

Prayer for Today:  May we shine the Light ever brighter in our confused nation as we seek to glorify You.

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